Gypsy La Reina



Born in La Romana Dominican Republic.

At the age of 15 she started as a dancer for the group, " Fuego del Caribe " which was an attraction of the "Casa de Campo" tourist complex in La Romana.

​"GYPSY" La Reina, at 16, is part of the popular Dominican Merenguera group, Los Hermanos Mercedes, with which she travels to Mexico and where for the first time she was given the opportunity to sing as a soloist.

​Already at age 24, some friends who work at the company "Def Jam Records" ask her to be a model of the videos with North American artists, who belonged to this record label, among which were artists such as; Rick Ross, Young Jeźzy, Ghost Face Killer, Rocko; Fabulous, Jim Jones among others.

​With this young and talented musician, Gypsy La Reina, is creating her new musical production which contains 14 tracks where there will be fusions of different genres with new musical colors, to relaunch her career as a artist.

Blunt Siff -  Punto 8, Welo K2

Cuento Na ma -  Welo K2

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